About Decoco

DE COCO BANGKOK was founded by two sisters who are passionate about beauty and cosmetics. Gam and Good have been in fashion and advertisement industry since very young age. They have been using many well-known cosmetics brands and spend tons of money until they discovered the unique benefits of coconut products. They realized that texture of  coconut oil is a perfect match with sensitive skin and hair. Gam and Good were pleased with the miracle effect of coconut oil which bring them fresh baby look.

Key difference of our product is the use of Nature endurance producing process not industry producing process.  DE COCO Bangkok uses nature endurance producing emphasizes on the quality and freshness of coconut virgin oil. Here, the whole process uses low temperature (lower than 70C) called “cold pressed” which helps in maintaining natural source of the product, including DE COCO’s hair care and DE COCO’s body care.

Oil produced from cold pressed processing is called Extra Virgin or Virgin Oil. DE COCO Bangkok carefully use extra virgin coconut oil in every process, starting from choosing raw material in the finest area in Thailand, where it is connected to the sea, and is accepted to be one of the best locations to produce the finest coconut beauty care products.  It is no doubt that we get the best quality of natural benefits from coconut virgin oil to our beloved customer.

Gam and Good conducted a country wide research to find the best quality of coconut in Thailand for their products. Two inspiring young ladies from Thailand put their passion in producing natural coconut products in a reasonable price.  This is how De Coco was born.

As Gam and Good says “DE COCO BANGKOK, Your perfect beauty starts here! “